Cattle Yard Panels and Gates

We supply hot dip galvanized tube panels for horses, cattles and livestock fencing.

Materials: Carbon steel
Corrosion Resistant Treatment Form: hot-dipped galvanized or painted
Features: Quickly and easily installed.

-1.8m high with 6 bars/rails or 1.6m high with 5/6 bars/rails.
-Complete with Caps & Foot plates.
-Holes for ground pin on one leg of each panel.
-Elongated lug holes in brackets, for ease when connecting.

Modular Panel Sizes
Specification: Normal size
Height x Length: 1.8m x 2.1m, 1.6 x 2.1m, 1.8m x 2.4m and so on
Pole style: Round pipe or square tube or oval tube
Pole specification: 32mmO. D, 42mmO. D, RHS40mm, RHS50mm and so on
Package details: In steel pallet or in bulk

Heavy Duty Sliding Gates

1. Height 2200mmx inner width 800mm.
2. Frame: Horizontal & VerticaI pipe: 50mmx50mm RHS with fuIly welded fuIly welded caps.
3. HorizontaI rail: 40mmx80mmx6 OvaI anti—bruise rails "BulI bars".
4. Nylon rollers.
5. Finish: HDG 15-microns.

Cattle Crusher Gates

1. 4 Iarge side gates.
2. 2 smaller vet doors.
3. Basic checker plate: 3mm thick.
4. Strong lugs.
5. Weigh scale option at additionaI cost.
6. Heavy duty Self-locking slam Iocks on alI gates
7. Heavy duty hinges on alI the gates.
8 Rear sliding aate with Iock.

Heavy Duty Cattle Yard Swing Gates

1. Height 2200mm x Length 2000mm.
2. Frame: VerticaI pipe: 50mmx50mm RHS with fully welded caps.
3. CattIe Gate HorizontaI rail: 80mmx40mmx6 OvaI anti-bruise rails "BulI bars".
4. Finish: HDG l 5.microns.
5. Fully welded oval pipes, post & brackets.
6. Supplied with two HDG Pins.

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