Y Posts and Fence Railing / Panels / Fences

Y Star Pickets for Fence Railing / Panels, Australia and New Zealand Style

Y posts are also named as Star Picket, Star Post, Metal Picket, Steel Picket, etc. This style of steel posts in cross section form a three pointed star. Holes are pre-drilled along the length of the post to allow wires to be attached to the picket for fixing to Metal Fence. Y posts are widely used in installing temporary fence and field fencing products such as cattle fence,sheep netting fence and security fence.

We supply two major corrosion resistant treatment: Galvanized steel and bitumen coated steel Y star pickets.

Hot Dipped Galvanized Steel Picket PostsLong lasting and re-usable Star Shaped Steel Fence Posts, easy to handle and install.

Unit Weight Calculation

Y fence post ( For Australia & New Zealand Market ) Length
0.45 M 0.6 M 0.9 M 1.35 M 1.5 M 1.65 M 1.8 M 2.1 M 2.4 M 2.70 M 3.00 M
2.04 kg/M 1089 816 544 363 326 297 272 233 204 181 163
1.90 kg/M 1169 877 584 389 350 319 292 250 219 195 175
1.86 kg/M 1194 896 597 398 358 325 298 256 224 199 179
1.58 kg/M 1406 1054 703 468 422 383 351 301 263 234 211

Products Application

  • For protective wire mesh fencing of express highway and express railway;
  • For field/ farm fencing of cattle farms, horse farms, goat farms;
  • For security of forestry and forestry source protection;
  • For isolation and protecting husbandry and water sources;
  • Fencing posts for gardens, road and houses.

Steel Posts for Fixed Knot Cattle FencingField Fence Y Post for Both Hinged or Fixed Knot Woven Wire Fence Meshes

Hot Dip Galvanized Steel Posts for Australia MarketSteel posts for hinged knot field fence fixing used in agriculture fields.

Australia Y Shape Steel Star Pickets Post for Cattle Fence

Y steel fence post features its three-pointed star shaped cross section. The tapered ends make it easy to be installed and the plain head is engineered for easy hammering the post into ground. Due to its high quality and stability, it is popular with most Australians, New Zealanders. 

Advantage of Australia Y fence post

  • This kind of fence post enjoys an improved rate of 30% in its mechanical property and physical propery compared with common steel posts with same section size;
  • Have nice appearance. Easily used, with a low cost;
  •  Long service life. 
                  Australia Y shape Steel Star Pickets Post for Cattle Fence
Material steel
Post Length 1.5-2.5m
Unit Weight 1.4kgs,1.71kgs,1.9kgs per meter etc
Surface Green painted, Hot dip galvanized, No paint, bitumen coated.
Usage Farm fencing, garden fencing, security farming
Packing 10pcs/bundle, 200pcs or 400pcs/pallet
Production QTY: 1000tons/month
MOQ: 1tons


Product Specification   pcs/bundle
Y Shape Cattle Fence Posts 28x28x30x3.0mmx2.04kg/m   10
28x28x30x2.6mmx1.90kg/m Galvanized 10
28x28x30x2.5mmx1.86kg/m   10
28x28x30x2.3mmx1.58kg/m Powder coated  10

 Other types can be as your demand.

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