High Security Steel Palisade Fence Panels

Spiked Decorative Metal Fencing Barrier

Palisade Fencing provides a high level of security to the boundary line of any property at economic cost. The Spiked Steel Fence has simple but robust design makes this type of fencing extremely vandal resistant and very hard to damage. Due to this simple design the fence is extremely difficult to climb making it a good all round security fencing system.

The anti climbing Security Palisade Fencing System is widely used in the industry. As a commercial fence, using hot formed and cold rolled steel belts to form a secure panel. We offer mainly three types of tops, including "W" profile, "D" profile and angle iron. Available in standard heights from 1.0m for general demarcation to 3.6m high for high security.


  • Our steel fence is Galvanized to BS EN ISO 1461:2009
  • Optional powder coating to BS EN 13438:2013; using non-toxic powder 
  • Pales secured with rivets or permacone fixings to minimize theft 
  • Matching single and double gates available 

Palisade Panel:
Height x Length : 1800 x 2750 mm
Material: "W" profile, angle iron and H post
Pale Top: Triple Pointed
Pale Thickness: 2mm
Horizontal Rail: angle iron 50x50x5.0mm
Post: 100x55x3.5mm H post
Surface treatment: PVC coated
Color: Dark Green

Picket and railing sizes commonly match each other as below:

  • Picket: 16X16X1.0MM Rail: 32X32X1.2MM or customized
  • Picket: 19X19X1.0MM Rail: 40X40X1.2MM or customized
  • Picket: 25X25X1.1MM Rail: 45X45X1.2MM or customized
  • Post: 50X50X1.5MM / 60X60X2.0MM or customized


  • 2.4m Height Palisade Security Fence
  • W and D Pale Palisade Perimeter Fence
  • Hot Dip Galvanized Palisade Fence
  • Decorative Palisade Fence with Sliding Gates
  • Wrought Iron Garden Palisade Fence
  • Industrial Palisade Fence

Palisade Fencing Pale Types

Palisade Fencing Popular Specification

Part Name Specification Component Quantity
"H" Post 100 x 55 x 5mm 1pc
Rail Section 50 x 50 x 5mm 2pcs
Pale Section "D" Section 65 x 3.0mm 17pcs
"W" Section 75 x 2.0mm 17pcs
Fish Plate 115 x 30 x 6mm or 140 x 39 x 8mm 2pcs
Saddle head M8 Bolts M8 x 40mm 34sets
Cup square M12 Bolts M12 x 30mm 4sets

Surface Treatment

Hot dipped galvanized - Zinc Phosphate - Zinc Rich Epoxy Powder Coating - Polyester Color Powder Coating


  • Wrapped with plastic film. 
  • Covered with carton board. 
  • Tie with steel belt. 
  • Covered with Your logo. 
  • Loaded on steel pallets.


"W" SectionAnti Crashing Galvanised Steel Fencing - "W" Section

Palisade Fence with Razor Wire1.80m High Triple Pointed Palisade Security Fencing - Fully Galvanised, anti-thief High Security Spike Fence with Concertina Razor wire on top

High Galv.& PPC GREEN Industrial Security Steel Palisade Fencing for Garden Boarders

Palisade Fencing GateHeavy Duty Galvanized Steel Palisade Security Gates

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