High Security Sliding Gate for Uptown

Uptown Security Fencing Panels

Popular Specification of Silding Main Gate

Height of gate(m) 1.4m, 1.5m, 1.8m, 2.0m, 2.2m
Width of gate(m) 3m, 4m, 5m, 6m, 7m, 8m, 9m, 10m, 11m, 12m
Gateframe surface(mm) 80*60, 110*90, 80*80, 100*100, 120*120
The Gate Railing Panels Square Tube: 30*30mm, 35*35mm, 40*40mm
Round Tube: Ø30, Ø35, Ø40
Underframe(mm) 100*150, 220*220, 350*220
colour RAL256 Colours

Production Processes

Production of metal fencing gates includes: Cutting, welding, polishing, galvanizing / powder coating, polishing and packing.

Advantages of Sliding Metal Gate:
The gate panels are safe, strong and refined; 
It takes less space;
The gate can be used perfectly together with metal fences;
Convenient for uses;
Sliding gate will not destroy the path ground badly.

Garden Fence Gate Material:

 High Quality low carbon Iron tubes, steel tubes, and low carbon steel wire,galvanized wire

Coating Colors: 

Green, yellow, white, etc. Dark Green RAL6005 is most popualr

Green Coated Welded Wire Mesh Gate for Garden Fence
Metal Fence Gate Specifications:

 Gate Frame:

The type of the vertical -hinged door: Single leaf, double leaf

Height of the gate (m):1.0,1.2,1.5,1.8,2m

Width of the gate(m):Single leaf :1,1.2,1.5m;  Double leaf :2,3,4,5,6,8m

Gate frame: Square tubes: 35x35mm,40x40mm,50x50mm, 60x60mm, 40x60mm 

Surface treatment: Galvanized Steel pipe+Powder Coated

Color: RAL 6009 colors 

Gate Panels:

Wire diameter 3.8mm, 4mm, 4.8mm, 5mm, 6mm
 mesh 50*100mm, 50*150mm, 50*200mm
height 1.5m, 2.2m, 2.4m,
post 40*60*1.5mm,60*60*2mm
Surface treatment Galvanzied then Powder coated, hot-dipped
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