Chain Link Fence Mesh Rolls and Chainlink Gates

 Product Name Chain link fence, diamond wire fencing, rhomb mesh fence
 Material Carbon steel wire , hot dip galvanized steel wire, pvc coated wire, anodized steel, aluminum, stainless steel wire
Color Coated colors: green, white, black, brown, blue, etc. 
Framework Line post , top rail , terminal post, gate post.
Chain link Fittings Brace band, rail cap, tension band, tension bar, barbed / razor wire, single / double barbed arm, posts.
Surface Treatment Electro or hot dipped galvanized / vinyl coated / pvc coated / aluminum/ stainless steel chain link fence
Chain Link Mesh Width 0.5m-5.0m
Mesh Length 0.50m-100.0m
Panel Height
450mm to 4500mm
Application Chain link fence system is mainly used as security fence or temporary fences. Fencing for airports, sports field, parks, gardens, greenfield, architecture, commercial and industrial, residential, zoo, sports fields.

Chain Link Fence System Construction Drawings

Construction of Securty Fencing System with Posts, Rails, Chain Link Fabric, Bottom Tension Wire and Fittings

Green PVC Coated Diamond Mesh

Three Chain Link Fence Edge Type

Edge Treatment for Chain Link FencingBarbed selvedges, knuckle selvedges and knuckle/barb edges.

Hot Dipped Galvanized Mesh Chain Link Fence With Barbed / Razor Wire

Hot dipped galvanized steel barbed /razor wire; Single / Double barbed wire arm .

Galvanized Steel Mesh Fence

Chain Wire Fence Posts & Stays

Chain link pipe:
Chain link fencing has a range of pipe sizes (25, 32, 40, 50, 80 & 100NB) in various lengths up to 7200mm in length and in various grades from extra light, light and medium. Powder coating available.

Chain Wire Fence Posts & Stays:

  • Straight & Cranked Posts
  • Twin & Triple Gate Posts
  • Line & Back Stays
  • Tennis Court Posts & Accessories
  • Tennis Court Light Poles

Chain Link Fence Fittings for Installation and Fixing

Brace band, rail cap, tension band, tension bar, posts capsetc.



Framed Chain Link Mesh Fence Panels with Razor Barbed Wire Coils
For factory perimeter security.

Green Coated Mesh Fence
Coated Chain Link Fence Framed System for Anti Climbing Airports Perimeter Barrier

Flexible Diamond Hole Fence Panels and Posts
Hot Dip Galvanized Diamond Hole Chain Link Fence for Sports Fields and Emergency Control

Black Vinyl Coated or Hot Dipped Galvanized Iron Security Fencing Gate Panels
Black Vinyl Coated Steel Chain Link Mesh Panels for Security Gates

Quality Control

Check of Wire Mesh Materials

Galvanized Chain Link Fence Panels and Gates

  Dimension of Galvanized Steel Chian Link Fence
Mesh Wire Diameter Width Length
40mmx40mm 1.8mm--3.0mm 0.5m--4.0m 5m-25m
50mmx50mm 1.8mm--3.5mm 0.5m--4.0m 5m-25m
60mmx60mm 1.8mm--4.0mm 0.5m--4.0m 5m-25m
80mmx80mm 2.5mm--4.0mm 0.5m--4.0m 5m-25m
100mmx100mm 2.5mm--4.0mm 0.5m--4.0m 5m-25m
    Dimension of PVC Coated Chian Link Fence
Mesh Wire Diameter Width Length
40mmx40mm 2.8mm--3.8mm 0.5m--4.0m 5m-25m
50mmx50mm 3.0mm--5.0mm 0.5m--4.0m 5m-25m
60mmx60mm 3.0mm--5.0mm 0.5m--4.0m 5m-25m
80mmx80mm 3.0mm--5.0mm 0.5m--4.0m 5m-25m
100mmx100mm 3.0mm--5.0mm 0.5m--4.0m 5m-25m

Galvanized chain link fence weight : 

Mesh Gauge (BWG) Weight (kg/m2) Width (m) Length (m)
1/2" 14 4.4 0.5m-5.0m 1.0m-50m
3/4" 12 6.0 0.5m-5.0m 1.0m-50m
3/4" 14 3.3 0.5m-5.0m 1.0m-50m
3/4" 16 1.9 0.5m-5.0m 1.0m-50m
1" 12 4.0 0.5m-5.0m 1.0m-50m
1" 14 2.4 0.5m-5.0m 1.0m-50m
1" 16 1.4 0.5m-5.0m 1.0m-50m
5/4" 12 3.2 0.5m-5.0m 1.0m-50m
5/4" 14 1.92 0.5m-5.0m 1.0m-50m
3/2" 10 4.0 0.5m-5.0m 1.0m-50m
3/2" 12 2.7 0.5m-5.0m 1.0m-50m
3/2" 14 1.6 0.5m-5.0m 1.0m-50m
2" 8 4.16 0.5m-5.0m 1.0m-50m
2" 10 3.0 0.5m-5.0m 1.0m-50m
2" 11 2.5 0.5m-5.0m 1.0m-50m
2" 12 2.0 0.5m-5.0m 1.0m-50m
2" 9 3.2 0.5m-5.0m 1.0m-50m

 Chain link fence surface treatment :

Surface treatment Min Max
Electro Galvanized 15g/m2 25g/ m2
Hot dip galvanized 30/ m2 366g/m2
 PVC/PE Coated 400microns 1000microns

PVC Coated Chain Link Fence

1. Material: PVC coated Chain link fence 
2. Aperture:4x4cm,6x6cm,etc 
3. Wire dia:2-5mm 
4. Used as sports fence and perimeter fence.

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